Best Laptop Brand in India

There is various laptop brand available in India which you can use to perform several tasks, as laptops have become a priority for today’s era, it also makes our lives less complicated, sensible, productive, and time-consuming.

It is a machine that gives the universal development for today’s youth, the necessity of a laptop is everywhere whether it is the house, workplace or business place.

The portable function of the laptop helps us take it anywhere and allows us to work in time constraints or lack of space in public transport.

Making the right choice while buying a laptop in a market within different laptop brands in India is a huge task for customers, as it is very important to choose the right laptop brand to operate smoothly with less hassle.

To overcome your uncertainties, let us now briefly discuss the top brands of laptops with our performance assessments and configurations.

This will help you to narrow down your choice in selecting the best laptop brand in India that is most suitable for you.

Top 10 best laptop brands in India:

1. Apple:

The Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs in Cupertino, California, USA.

Apple is among the world’s best-rated products in 90 countries, this company has gained intensive recognition amongst customers.

It is most popular for its hardware consumer products and sells personal computers under the name of MacBook that attracts consumers for its smooth functionality.

The main characteristics of Apple laptops are its detailed features, amazing performance, inbuilt technology and elegance.

Following are some versions of Apple laptops available:


List of Apple Models:

  • Apple Mac Pro
  • Apple Mac Mini
  • Apple MacBook Air
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Apple iMac
  • Apple iMac Pro

2. Hewlett-Packard (HP):

Hewlett- Packard (HP) is a multinational IT company based in California, United States, which was established in the year 1939, it has the largest number of customers in India.

HP has a market base in over 150 countries with the largest market & amongst the best laptop brand in India.

After several decades of excellent status, HP holds a reputation in the market for making laptops with the latest technology which provides great options along with wonderful efficiency.

Its amazing inbuilt technology has given the company the mileage of being at the top of the market.

The HP Pavilion notebook is considered the best-selling laptop version of this brand.

Following are some of the HP laptops variants available:

hp 15s du2071tu

List of HP Models:

  • HP Pavilion dv2z
  • HP Pavilion TX1000
  • HP Pavilion dv7
  • HP Pavilion dv9700t
  • HP Pavilion x360
  • HP Envy
  • HP 520 Notebook

3. Dell:

Dell is a US multinational company headquartered in Round Rock, Texas.

The company was founded within the year 1984 and now operates in more than 70 nations all over the world.

This three-decade-old company is popular due to the smooth inbuilt features in its laptops.

The company claims manufacturing laptops that are unique in their styles, performance, and elegance, thus have gained widespread recognition in the market.

Dell’s best-selling laptop is Dell Inspiron in the Indian market that has a good reputation & it is also one of the best laptop brand in India.

Following are some of the Dell laptops available:

Best Gaming Laptop Under 1.5 Lakh in India

List of Dell Models:

  • Dell Ultrabook
  • Dell XPS
  • Dell Inspiron
  • Dell Vostro

4. VAIO:

VAIO was established in the year 1996.

The company was a subsidiary of till February 2014, but Sony sold a 95% stake in the company to Industrial Partners of Japan in 2014.

The main trademark of the company is the manufacture of laptops with excellent performance skills.

Laptops are good in inbuilt features, magnificence, sturdiness, and strength, while this company has a big market in India with a rise in sales every year.

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Following are a few of the Vaio laptops variants available:


List of Vaio Models:

  • Vaio Flip Series
  • Vaio F14
  • Vaio Sonic F15
  • Vaio F15A/14A
  • Vaio Ultra Ebook p13/11

5. Lenovo:

Lenovo is a very popular Chinese company which was established in the year 1984, it has a wide market base in more than 60 international locations worldwide.

This company has gained a reputation within the manufacturing and selling of laptops with wonderful efficiency abilities.

The laptops manufactured by these companies have well-inbuilt options, magnificence, sturdiness, and power, while the unique character of Lenovo laptops is their lifetime gaming experience.

The Y series of Lenovo laptops are designed specifically for gamers because it has a better live gaming experience.

They are an extensively popular laptop brand in India that helps in generating a lot of income because of their extremely reputed market value.

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Following are some of the Lenovo laptops variants available:

lenovo-ideapad-3 Best Gaming laptop under 80000

List of Lenovo Models:

  • Lenovo Y Series
  • Lenovo V Series
  • Lenovo S Series
  • Lenovo G Series
  • Lenovo Flex Series
  • Lenovo Yoga Series
  • Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Series
  • Lenovo ThinkPad W Series

6. Samsung:

Samsung is a South Korean company established in the year 1969.

Although it was established five decades ago, it began manufacturing electronic products in 1988 at its headquarters in Suwon, South Korea.

Samsung is considered one of the largest companies which makes electronic products world wide.

Although its trademark has always been in the manufacture of smartphones over the years, now Samsung has also earned a good name in the laptop segment.

Smooth functionality coupled with amazing performance skills coupled with durability and elegance has made Samsung laptops consumer-friendly and earned a good reputation in the market.

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Following are some of the Samsung laptops variants available:


List of Samsung Models:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note8.0
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Series
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Pro
  • Samsung N130
  • Samsung NC 10

7. Asus:

Asus was founded in 1989 with its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, this company established its name in the world market in a short time.

The Asus produces high-end laptops with top-notch performance skills, detailed look, technology and power at a very low cost.

This company has earned a good reputation in the manufacture of electronic goods in the world market & the best laptop brand in India over a short span of time.

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Following are some of the Asus laptops variants available:


List of Asus Models:

  • Asus X551CA
  • Asus N55L
  • Asus Vivo Book S200E
  • Asus ROG G750JX

8. Acer:

Acer was founded in 1976 with its headquarters in New Taipei, Taiwan.

Although it was established in 1976, it came to India in the 1990s, the company has gained a new advantage in the world market scenario due to its competitive nature.

Acer boasts of the creation of a laptop with long battery backup, excellent digital quality of sound and its stunning design of screen display.

It also makes laptops with good performance skills, detailed features, elegance and power.

Now, Acer laptops are in high demand in India, which has boosted the company’s worldwide value.

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Following are some of the Acer laptops variants available:

acer-aspire-3-laptop Best Gaming laptop under 30000

List of Acer Models:

  • Acer Aspire E
  • Acer Aspire S
  • Acer Aspire R
  • Acer Aspire Chrome book

9. Toshiba:

Toshiba is a Japanese company with headquarters in Minato, Tokyo City, Japan.

Since its inception in the year 1939, Toshiba has earned much acclaim and praise for manufacturing consumer-friendly electronic devices at affordable rates.

Toshiba manufactures laptops with good battery backup, excellent performance, amazing features, superior technology and durability.

With over seven decades of fame, the company has a good market base for the best laptop brand in India as well as on the global stage.

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Following are some of the Toshiba laptops variants available:

toshiba best laptop brand in India

List of Toshiba Models:

  • Toshiba Tetra
  • Toshiba Portege
  • Toshiba Satellite
  • Toshiba Satellite Pro
  • Toshiba Satellite UHD 4K

10. Alienware:

Alien Ware is a subsidiary product of Dell basically related to gaming, while this laptop company claims to provide the best hardware, top-class gaming features, and advanced technology.

This combination is well received by gamers or customers looking for a gaming experience and it meets customer expectations by providing a lifetime gaming experience.

Alien Ware has gained a good reputation in India as well as in the worldwide market due to its hands-on gaming experience.

Following are other laptops variants available:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Wipro
  3. Compaq
  4. HCL
  5. LG
  6. Intel
  7. Fujitsu
  8. MSI
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All of these laptop brand in India is widely popular amongst prospects providing great features, superior technologies, high performance, pricing & durability at affordable costs.

All these laptop manufacturers have earned popularity and identify themselves in the market.

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