Difference between Laptop and Tablet

Many people wonder if a laptop or tablet will meet their needs.

After all, the tablet is easy to use, very portable and internet-enabled like a laptop, however all the tablets does not share the same functionality.

Depending on your needs, a laptop may provide a better computing experience, and if you are trying to decide between tablet and laptop, this guide will help you.

Laptop and Tablet:


The laptop is an all-in-one computer that makes use of batteries or AC power that may last for several hours, it is also called as a notebook.

It may be simply transported and has an LED or LCD display screen, they are powered by a battery or AC supply which makes it portable.

It is a compact version of the desktop where all input, output and processing devices are inbuilt in a single package.

Advantages of laptop:

  1. Portability is the root cause of people choosing laptops.
  2. They can be simply moved around and connected to Wi-Fi spots.
  3. They are excellent to be used with cloud solutions or hosted desktops.
  4. When you are not housing it operates on battery mode till you can find a convenient power supply.

Disadvantages of laptop:

  1. CPU, memory, the disk is not good as compared to desktop.
  2. The laptops are typically not suitable for multitasking.
  3. Unlike desktops, laptops are often all-in-one units and may be difficult to upgrade.
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2. Tablet:

A tablet or tablet computer is a tool that sometimes operates with a mobile operating system, which has a touchscreen display, and rechargeable battery inbuilt.

It is principally a thin and flat gadget that doesn’t have a physical keyboard with it.

The tablet has an extended battery life than the laptop, while it is light-weight and simply transportable.

Advantages of tablet:

  1. We can work from anywhere and is sufficiently small to put in purses.
  2. They’re lighter than most laptops.
  3. It may be used as a GPS navigation device.
  4. It presents an identical functionality as a traditional computer.
  5. Tablet has longer battery life than a laptop.

Disadvantages of tablet:

  1. Hardware is prone to damage.
  2. Traditional keyboards are much more comfortable.
  3. The screen size is too small compared to a laptop.
  4. They have a high cost.
  5. Fewer ports for peripherals.
  6. It cannot embrace large-scale data.
  7. The input with tablet PCs is slower than those with laptops.
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Difference between laptop and tablet:

Laptop is a portable computer device where all units are inbuilt in one package.Tablet is a touch screen display computer device that typically works on mobile operating systems.
Laptops is slightly larger and thicker than the tablets.While tablets is comparatively small and thin.
It has physical keyboard inbuilt.While it does not have a physical keyboard, it does have an onscreen keyboard.
It has a track-pad for the inbuilt mouse.While a tablet all work is done with a touch screen.
Laptop is heavier than the tablet.While it is comparatively lighter.
It has a short battery lasting life.While it has a high battery lasting life.
Laptop batteries can be detachable or non-separable.While it has a non-detachable battery.
It does not have a slot for a SIM-card.Some tablets may have a slot for a SIM-card.
It is more expensive than a tablet.Whereas it is comparatively less expensive.
It has more features than a tablet.While it has fewer features than a laptop.
It may contain a CD or DVD player inbuilt.While it does not have this much functionality.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Which one is better tablet or laptop?

Tablets are more portable and better for casual activities such as browsing, watching videos or playing mobile games.

Does a tablet have a USB port?

Most tablet has a USB-C port.

Why laptops are better than tablets?

Laptops have much more processing power than tablets.


Choose your device type wisely based on its planned usage.

If you want to move every day from one room to another or from one building to another, then definitely look in a laptop or tablet.

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