Difference between MacBook and Laptop

The difference between Apple’s MacBook and Windows laptop is most stirring and argumentative, an endless discussion that has been going on for decades and won’t be ending anytime soon.

It is a debate that ignites fires in campuses and social networks as well as workplaces.

Unfortunately, both MacBook and Windows customers do not care what the other party has to supply; for this reason, we have determined to reveal the difference between a MacBook and a laptop.

In case you are a curious soul like us, you might be for a treat.

We’ve evaluated laptops and MacBooks based on their design, hardware, and functionality so keep reading if you want to know which is best.

Differences between MacBook and Laptop:

Let’s start with the basic things that we all see, even before touching a laptop which as follows:


For three decades, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs ensured that Apple products looked like pieces of art.

Till today, there is no match for the MacBook when it comes to external appearance, design is a feature that distinguishes an aesthetically designed MacBook from a Windows laptop.

Although some Windows business laptops go head with the MacBook, they do not have a touch of elegance, however, many types of design are one factor where Windows laptops are ahead of Apple’s products.

You can find great variety in terms of design in windows laptops, whether you need a convertible laptop or a student laptop.


We all know that Apple is a sign of premium products and Mac Books are priced higher than high-quality laptops.

In fact, you can get cheap Windows laptops at about half the cost of a MacBook with the same hardware.

Similarly, the repair cost of a MacBook is usually much higher than a Windows laptop.

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Apple’s MacBooks come with a great hardware selection, but they are often priced too high.

On the other hand, you can have the same hardware combination in a Windows laptop at a cheaper price.

Another problem with Macs is that they have fewer options as Apple sells with limited RAM and processor options, while Windows laptops are available in a variety of options.

You can get a laptop with 4GB to 32GB of RAM with RAM and a processor of your choice.

4.Operating System:

The biggest difference between a MacBook and a laptop is the operating system.

A MacBook runs on Mac OS, while a Windows laptop runs on Windows OS; they both are exceptional operating systems that provide smooth performance.

Although Windows offers more options for its users, this does not mean that mac OS is less powerful.

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5.Utility Application:

Both Windows laptops and MacBooks come with built-in apps and utilities.

Photo and video viewers, media editors, web browsers, mail, calculators, calendars, voice recorders, weather, news and screenshots are some of the common tools.

But there are also some additional apps that you only find on MacBooks or Windows laptops.

For example, a MacBook affords a greater streaming music service, a preview utility, and an improved video editor, however, a Windows laptop gives Translator, Skype, Sticky Notes and Xbox gaming applications.

Still, a MacBook provides more value for a common user in terms of a utility application.

6.Office Suite:

The biggest advantage of having a stylish Windows laptop is that you can get the most out of Microsoft’s Office suite.

Office Suite is a combination of work-related apps such as Excel and Word that work effectively on laptops compared to MacBooks.

Although you may install and run the Office Suite on a Mac, the Windows version is extra stable which provides extra features.

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7.Optional input:

Windows laptops provide full touch support and you can get a touchscreen laptop at a low cost.

Talking about optional input, the pen is better than the Mac: pen, touch, and dictation, while the touchscreen 2-in-1 laptop is better for professionals who want to use the keyboard and screen at the same time.

There is a huge selection of convertible laptops with varying specs of any budget.

Although Apple launched touchscreens MacBook, they only exist in some MacBook Pro models.

Support for the stylus is one other function where a Windows laptop is best than a MacBook.


Laptops and Macs do both have keyboard problems.

The latest butterfly-design keyboard introduced by Apple is unreliable as users have reported some issues.

Similarly, keyboards on Windows laptops are also unreliable depending on the manufacturer, however, the difference lies in customer support and Windows laptops have the upper hand.

You can easily replace or repair the keyboard on a Windows laptop, while the Apple keyboard requires time.

In addition, there are selective shops where you can repair or replace your MacBook’s keyboard.

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Whenever you want to depend on your computing needs, you can upgrade a Windows laptop.

You can easily find the parts, upgrade the specs and it is very easy to replace the hardware, however upgrading the MacBook is another story, as you’ll have to watch out for specific parts.

Generally, you will not have to upgrade your MacBook as it will already be loaded with high-end specs but if you want to upgrade it, there are limited options.

Mac is an operating system from Apple and Windows is an operating system from Microsoft, the two companies are IT giants and sell multiple computers with their own OS installed.

A ‘PC’ is a generic term for any non-Mac computer, but a PC is commonly referred to as a large tower machine running Windows.

A towing machine is typically sold with a monitor screen, a keyboard, mouse, and a set of speakers.

A ‘PC’ laptop is a small all in one machine, which is a keyboard with a swing shunting screen, including Windows.

A Mac is similar to a Windows PC tower except that everything is built behind the screen instead of a large tower-shaped machine.

A MacBook (Mac laptop) is similar to a PC laptop except for the design and the fact that it runs the Mac OS.

Microsoft sells Windows in a variety of different machine types, i.e. Acer, Dell, HP, etc.

Whereas Apple manufactures Mac OS in Apple products, you can get Windows on machines manufactured by any manufacturer.

You can only get Mac OS from the Apple Store on an Apple machine.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between Mac and laptop?

Standard laptops generally run on the Windows OS, whereas MacBooks run on Apple’s own macOS.

Why MacBooks are so expensive?

The case of the MacBook is made with aluminum.

Is Mac safer than Windows?

 Macs are somewhat more secure than Windows.


The major difference between an Apple MacBook and a Windows laptop is that they both have a different operating system.

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