How to check laptop configuration?

When you start your laptop, check the laptop configuration details displayed on the computer screen, however, these details are not in detail as compare to the system utility of your laptop.

Thus some of the most important details you can get from the system information utility include laptop models, currently installed services and detailed information about hardware components such as disk drives and devices.

The system information utility might be run utilizing the Windows run command.

Windows comes with a built-in utility that can be utilized to collect the configuration details of a laptop.

How to check laptop configuration:

Press the Windows key, it will open the start screen.

Type in “run” and select “Run” from the list of results that you will displayed on the display screen.

Within the open field, type “msinfo32”.

Now click on “OK”, it should open the System Data window on the display screen.

Here you can see detailed information about the system configuration.

On the left panel of the window, you will find the list of categories and on the right side of the window panel, you can see the details related to each category.

From the right panel of window, you can find laptop basic configuration and physical memory including BIOS memory.

From this list, select the information you want to know and double click on it.

You will see a list of sub-categories, now click on the sub-category to see detailed information on the sub-category.

For example: if you want to know the performance configuration of your laptop, you can double click on ‘Components’ and then click on ‘Display’.

The three categories are ‘Hardware Resources’, ‘Components’ and ‘Software Environment’.

How to know my laptop model:

Method 1:

Click on the Start button and then enter the system in the search field.

Select ‘System Information’ under ‘Programs’.

Method 2:

Click on ‘System Summary’ and you will see the details about the operating system, processor, basic input, output system and RAM details.

Method 3:

Double click on the “Component” from the list, choose a hardware device.

You will get laptop configuration about its manufacturer’s name, location and other details.

Method 4:

Click on the Start button, right click on the “Computer Button” then click “Properties”.

This process will show laptop configuration i.e. make and model of the laptop, OS, RAM specifications and model of the processor.


On Windows Home , you cannot see details about the motherboard make and model.

However you can use the third-party applications such as CPU-Z or software Sandra to find out details about the motherboard.


If you want to check laptop configuration, go to system data, then type the relevant search term, then click on “Find” from the list.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the shortcut key to check laptop configuration?

You can also type “msinfo32.exe” into the Start menu’s search box and press “Enter” to view the same information.

How do I check RAM usage?

Click the Performance tab and select Memory in the sidebar to see a graph of your current RAM usage.

What is configuration example?

The definition of configuration is the way parts are arranged to work together.


When buying a laptop directly from a manufacturer, it is necessary to check the laptop configuring i.e. CPU, screen, memory, storage, and other major components, etc.

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